Jack'n Jeff
DJ /Musician Techno -House-Tech House-Deep Progressive

About Me

A Short Biography

The Early Years

From Punk to New Wave and Disco to Hi NRG, Electro and Italo and the begin of Chicago House Sound and Detroit Techno in the 80-ies.

Jeffrey James Eduard Bontan ,fully tuned, (Born on 3 August,1965 with French ,French/Canadian & American/Native and German- Dutch-Indie blood from his ancestors) and DJ-ing since 1983 was always looking for new discoveries in the musicscene. As a military stationed at Soesterberg USAF/Klu airbase Jeffrey took the House- and Techno music to Club Maribaya, the first Discotheque in Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands. In the beginning, the guests were uncomfortable and even shocked by the raw but hypnotic sounds, but the people slowly started to get used to the new sound. Jeffrey also searched for other possibilities this time and because the music and in particular Acid House and Detroit Techno and also New Beat from Belgium became more popular, Jeffrey started giving Acid House Parties with some friends (Rob Van Der Poel- Graphic Designer Arcade Holland and Marcel Giessen) between 1987 and 1991 in the region and also with especially in Woerden at Club Babylon a youth center where the rows of people even stood outside and unfortunately could not enter anymore. That ultimately makes him one of the most decent House/Techno DJ in the"Netherlands and especially in "Het Groene Hart". In this time he also visited Clubs in Belgium.

Highlight with Jeff Mills in Paradiso  Amsterdam

After the "Raves"got bigger in the beginning, first illegal and the later Legal and the music split in two, "Mellow and Hardcore". Jeffrey looked for it in the Clubs and became a member of the RoXY Amsterdam and also visited other clubs such as Paradiso, Mazzo, Melkweg and The Shiva and Fellini in Utrecht. He and his friends also witnessed the first Love Parades in Berlin, The first "Fast Forward Dance Parade" in Rotterdam and more of this Parades. In the meantime the DJ grew again and again and visited Germany many times (his Parents lived there) often he went to Berlin in particular many times Tresor, E.Werk and Industriestraße in Straubing and also visiting Munchen. But the highlights were to be in front of VIP CLub Paradiso- Amsterdam in the Line-Up with Techno Giant Jeff Mills and the to give Live Mix broadcasts from Paradiso for New Dance Radio at the time.

In this time he changed his name a little bit from Jack'n Jeff in to Jackin Jeff, an ancient name.

At the moment people are mistaken about the name JackinJeff and the current genre Jackin-House but it has absolutely nothing to do with it.  The name JackinJeff was already there before this House style.

A DJ performance with Quazar, the second highlight.

He got to know DJ Onanon (Jasper Wiegers, editor for Dance Magazine 'Update' and 'Bassic Groove', VPRO- Mix DJ) from Club Tagrijn in Hilversum and gave many sets together ther too in the Line-Up of Trevor Rockliffe (UK), Oliver Kapp (Germany) but also with Speedy J, Remy, Erick de Man, and many more but the best Highlight in the Line Up is the first Techno- and House band from the Netherlands Quazar by Gert van Veen, where he is still proud of and friends today. 

He is now also friends with the Detroit Techno Godfather and greatness Juan Atkins of the famous "Belleville Three" and a another legend from Detroit; Santonio Echols Sr. ,Adonis Smith (Chicago), Mike Anderson and many more of Legends. 


Productions and Projects of Jackin Jeff themselves are still waiting to be released...working together with ROVARA, Desiray Saija and his old friend Rob Van Der Poel. in the Music studio and waiting for the first officially released number after more than 32 years is finally a credit for this Old School Major of the Techno- and House Music. The new Techno project and group will be called "ELECTRONIC PARALLEL" ! 

The first release was after a long COVID-19 period released in February 2022 on various music platforms “Der Jan mit Dem Bausenspiel”.

Nowadays Jackin Jeff have is own Radioshow called "Chronicles of Antares" on HouseBeats.fm on Friday 22:00-23:00 CET.

 AMW.FM- Radio , "Wild Time Rebels Music" show,  monthly 1 time 14:00-16:00 (CET)

In September 2020 a Remix of the song Insomnia 'was released together with Desiray Saija, Rovara and P Ben (France) for Techno-legend Santonio Echols Sr.  from Detroit, Michigan USA on the EP "Detroit Echelons". for Reprussure Recordings.

Also in October 2023 is coming out the latest Deep House release "Chicago Fall"


  • Jackin Jeff - The Trail of Tears EP
  • Jackin Jeff- Trail of Tears
  • Jackin Jeff- Perihelium Acid
  • Jackin Jeff- The Magic of Our Creator
  • Jackin Jeff- Exploided People
  • Jackin Jeff- Chicago Fall
  • Electronic Parallel -Der Jan mit dem Bausenspiel (Project with ROVARA)
  • REMIX- Santonio Echols- Insomnia - Jackin Jeff, ROVARA, Desiray Saija Remix


The CD Thunderdome 2 with the image of the Dobermann pincher originated at Jackin Jeff's home during an evening watching a movie "The Boys from Brasil"with his comrade and Graphic Designer Rob Van Der Poel, who did not come up with a design yet for Thunderdome 2, until the dogs came into the picture and Jeffrey indicated to "Do these dogs as a image", and so it happenend.

Jack'n Jeff gave together with Rob van der Poel and Marcel Giessen and assisted by Youth Club Employee Wiebe Terwel from "Babylon Woerden" the first Acid House Parties in Woerden and actually from the "Groene Hart".

At the moment people are mistaken about the name JackinJeff and the current genre JackinHouse but it has absolutely nothing to do with it.  The name JackinJeff was already there before this House style.